Testimonials – Amy

AmyAmy’s Testimonials

“Amy has been coloring, cutting, and styling my hair for the past eight years. During that time, I’ve transitioned through a variety of lengths and colors that she has helped seamlessly facilitate. She’s honest regarding what will and will not work with my hair type and has always professionally guided me in a direction that has yielded great results. From corrective coloring to highlighting to styling my hair for my wedding, I highly recommend Amy for all of the services she provides.”
Amber-Ryan G

“After bouncing around to different barber shops Amy has been my go to stylist for a variety of services for over 10 years. Amy is able to provide a style that best suits my lifestyle and is also easy to handle at home! From cuts and highlights to waxing, I never leave Amy’s chair without looking my best!”
Angelo B

Amy has been cutting my hair for the past 8 years and I have always been satisfied with her work. In addition to cutting my hair she has provided me with advice about maintaining my hair at home, which has been really helpful. I trust Amy’s abilities so much I had her do my hair for my wedding. For any of my styling needs I always know who I can turn to first and that is Amy. She is the best!
Lily S